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Corfu All Day Tour

If you prefer a full day mini bus tour let us know what you would like to see and we will plan the tour for you. Usually there are three main routes followed by most Corfu cruise ship visitors.

You are free to choose any of them, or even make your own changes and adjustments on the tour to make it an unforgettably pleasant experience, ideally suited to you and your group of friends.

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Achilleion Palace

It was built by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria. It is situated on the top of a hill in the traditional Corfu village of Gastouri.

You will amazed by the Palace’s unique beauty, both in the outside garden area, but also on the inside, wall drawings and the statues and monuments of Zeus, Era, the Peristyles of the Muses and the magnificent ‘ Dying Achilles ‘ statue which represents Achilles dying trying to remove the spear from his ankle.

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Leaving Gastouri village following the west coast road of Corfu, passing numerous traditional Corfu villages, your tour stops at Perama. Perama is on the opposite side of Kanoni, where a long bridge crosses the sea and joins the two sides of Corfu which can be passed only on foot, taking you to the Convent of Vlacherna.

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Pelekas Village

Pelekas is a traditional village built on one of the most beautiful hills of Corfu island which attracts many tourists every year.

Apart from the traditional architecture of the village, with its narrow streets, the main square and its churches, the main characteristic of Pelekas is the magnificent view from the top of the hill known as the ‘ throne of Kaiser ‘ , because the German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd used to enjoy this magnificent spectacle. In the evening, the sunset from the top of the hill of Pelekas is considered to be the most beautiful in Corfu.

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Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful resorts on the island. It consists of six different small coasts and rocky beaches with crystal blue sea water.

From almost each beach small boats can take you on a boat trip to the caves that can be found along its coastline, to admire the crystal clear water and the beauty of nature. The two better known and important caves that you will be visiting are Nausica Cave, named after the daughter of the King of the Phaeacians.

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Lakones Village

It is a traditional Corfu village where apart from the view you can enjoy excellent Greek food and even some of the local specialities. Maybe some Sofrito, Pastitsada or even a spicy Bourdeto at the local restaurants and taverns. Usually the uplifting energy of your lunch and the local wine, creates a desire to see more and continue the tour.

So the next planned stop is the nearby castle of Aggelokastro. Getting back on your mini we will drive through the villages of Krini and Makrades to the Byzantine Castle of Aggelokastro.


After this, relax in the privacy and comfort of your mini bus. Our driver will drive you to the old Corfu town centre where you will be able to visit the old Fortress of Corfu, do some shopping in the venetian style Corfu Town shops, have a coffee in the famous Liston and receive the blessings from the patron saint of Corfu when visiting the central Saint Spyridon Church.

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Old Fortress - Corfu Town

Aggelokastro is the westernmost fortress of the Byzantine empire and the Despotate of Epirus, which included Corfu until 1267. It was built in the 12th century and according to the local tradition, the inhabitants and the 8 guards, resisted so successfully that the Turks decided to retreat and leave Corfu. Inside the castle you will discover the churches of Taxiarches and Agia Kyriaki.

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